Not the music, the term. It holds the whole genre back and insinuates that the godfathers, breakers and electro artists in the early 80’s are not ‘Golden’.  Plus, if you look at all of the amazing Hip Hop that has been made since this very narrow margin of 5-7 years (depending on who you talk) to was over, you are also discrediting the wealth of amazing Hip Hop we have had over the past 15-18 years. 

Fuck the nostalgia, Hip Hop is NOT dead, shit, it’s not even in the trouble most people say it is, the best stuff was always underground and commercial rap has ALWAYS been there. 

Fresh Price was rapping to the theme music to “I Love Jeanie” in the same year as “Paid In Full” dropped, did anyone say Hip Hop was dead then?….   “Whoomp There It Is” was number one the same year that “Midnight Marauders” AND “36 Chambers dropped”, and I definitely don’t recall anyone saying Hip Hop was dead that year.

For the most part I think the majority of people coin that useless term as it was either the year they really got into our scene or they hit a pivotal age, that makes it YOUR golden era, not our scenes. 

Please stop acting like all this scene has given to us and modern culture on a whole is limited to only being “real” for a few short years.
Real heads feel free to share!
I thank you.



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