Afrika Bambaattaa to get lifetime achievement award

Afrika Bambaattaa, the Bronx born native will receive a lifetime achievement award for his contributions to Hip-Hop culture by the Gobal Spin Awards on November 17th.

The Godfather of Hip-Hop culture, was a former gang Warlord for one of the Black Spade divisions, and is also the founding leading of the Universal Zulu Nation.

An inspired trip to the African continent opened the mind and eyes of a young Bambaattaa, who was determined to put an end to gang activity, and forge stronger unity within his own community back home in the States.

Once back on American soil, Bambaattaa vowed to utilise the emerging Hip-Hop scene to entice gang members away from that life, and so formed the Universal Zulu Nation.

Bambaattaa, like other Hip-Hop pioneers, started spinning records at block parties, and school halls. Through the power of music and the Zulu Nation, the Bronx landscape changed, and gang violence calmed down.

The ‘Amen Ra’ is a DJ and producer. He released the now iconic track ‘Planet Rock’ with his group the Soulsonic Force in 1982, and he played a pivotal role in establishing the electro funk sound too.

Bambaatta’s leadership, and commitment over the years will never be questioned. Yet more importantly, what stands out for me, is that back in the day, he possessed an inspired vision to birth a new unified, and peace loving culture: It’s a culture that pushes you to seek knowledge, and one that embraces all races. It is a culture that is in its fourth decade, and is now a global phenomenon.

A fully deserved lifetime achievement for the Godfather of Hip-Hop!


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